3DS MAX ( Civil )


Learners will become skilled at the techniques to execute mesh & surface modeling; can professionally create parametric & organic objects, Visualize high-quality architectural renderings; Model finely detailed interiors and objects, do textures mapping, baking, and layering; accelerate shading & material design.

What will you learn
  • Configurable user Interface

  • 3D Modeling, Texturing, 3D Rendering

  • Animation for Visualization

  • Interior and exterior designs

  • Working with Cameras and Exposure Control

  • Creating realistic walkthrough animations in 3ds Max

  • Advanced tools to create 3d models for interior designs



  • 16 Lessons
  • 10:15:45 Hours
  • Workspace, Interface of 3ds max, Setting preferences, Set project, Exploring interface, Creating basic object and modify panel, Navigating view ports.00:31:21
  • Move, Rotate, and scaling objects, Hotkeys, Setting display, system units, Grid setting, Shading modes, Viewport configuring, Customizing colour and hotkeys, Transform centre .00:32:41
  • Using Array, Instance duplicate, Isolate selection and lock, Scene explorer, Selection tool and window crossing, Object grouping .00:29:54
  • Standard primitives, Level of detailing, Moving pivot point, Building modifier stack, Understanding topology dependence, Volume select modifier, Clearing a selection stack, Collapsing the modifier stack .00:26:36
  • Understanding Shapes , Create line, Lathe / revolve, Modify line with end result on, Create Outline, Detailing using lathe and interpolation.00:33:20
  • Understanding editable mesh, editable poly, Modelling sofa , modelling dining table, extended primitives, modelling with extended primitives, chamfer.00:55:11
  • Text spline , Adding extrude and bevel to lines, text plus, Using LOFT, creating loft with sweep.00:35:18
  • Understanding AEC extended, stairs, doors, windows, Bend, taper, Subdivision surface.00:58:46
  • Applying image to a surface, Attach line, Creating wall using line, Booleans, Quick slice, Fix Door and Windows, Merging scene.01:03:07
  • Material Editor Interface, Using material, Applying bitmap to an object, 2d and 3d texturing, Bump map .00:53:32
  • Default light, Photometric light, Area light parameter, Shadows, Sun positioner .00:46:39
  • Creating the base of the exterior, Creating elevation, Creating the doors and windows, Creating bars, Booleans.01:01:56
  • Target camera, free camera, safe zone, setting up time config, Auto key frame and set key frame, editing animation in timeline, dope sheet, curve editor .00:31:40
  • Rendering setup, Scanline render, ART render, Batch render, Ram play.00:20:25
  • Sculpting with paint deform, setting paint option, controlling brush, Vray lighting, Vray render setup.00:35:19
  • 3DS MAX ( Civil ) : Assessment

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