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Adobe illustrator CC is a part of Adobe Creative Cloud, which is a collection of Adobe desktop and mobile apps. Built with wide variety of tools, filters, and effects, it is used by graphic designers to create graphic designs for websites, video games, brand logos, and promotion materials, or print media. This tool, which seamlessly works with vector graphics, can also create designs, illustrations, sketches, billboards, clothes, and business cards.

It has the capability to produce artworks with pixel-perfect accuracy. It helps graphic designers and artists create designs faster, as it offers design presets and templates, which are easy to search and access. 

To learn the best tools for design, digital illustration and prototyping, whether you are a designer moving towards a digital practice or someone who wants to create splendid artwork, by registering this course you are in a right place. You can be able to create everything from logos, to realistic illustrations, to digital paintings.

What will you learn
  • By completing this course, you are ready to use Adobe Illustrator for professional level work.

  • you will be able to draw complex shapes, add depth to your designs, work with typography, create charts and create your own logo.

  • You will become familiar with the basic tools.

  • You can understand how to draw and color a simple shape and also will learn to add text to a document and style it.

  • You will learn to know how to add imported graphics and also how to create and apply custom patterns and gradients.

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  • 19 Lessons
  • 13:13:09 Hours
  • Understanding vector graphics, Setting preferences, Touring the interface, Exploring the panels, Working with the Control panel, Creating and saving workspaces .00:31:02
  • Creating files for print, Creating files for the web, Navigating within a document, Using rulers ,guides , and grids, Changing units of measurement, Using preview modes, Creating and using custom views, Locking and hiding artwork, Creating and using art 01:05:37
  • Setting your selection preferences, Using the Direct Selection and Group Selection tools, Using the Magic Wand tool, Using the Lasso tool, Selecting objects by attribute, Grouping objects, Using isolation mode, Resizing your artwork, Rotating objects01:14:57
  • RGB vs CMYK, Adjusting Illustrator color settings, Process vs global swatches, Creating spot colors, Swatch groups, Working with color libraries, Importing swatches, Using the Color Guide panel .00:35:04
  • Understanding fills and strokes, Working with fills, Working with strokes, Creating dashes and arrows, Creating variable-width strokes, Using width profiles, Outlining strokes, Creating and editing gradients, Applying gradients to strokes00:58:42
  • Understanding paths, Understanding anchor points, Open and closed paths, Joining and averaging paths, Using the Knife and Scissors tools.00:29:11
  • Understanding drawing modes, Creating compound paths, Creating compound shapes, Working with the Shape Builder tool, Working with the Blob Brush and Eraser tools, Working with the Paintbrush and Pencil tools, Smoothing, erasing paths.00:53:14
  • Exploring the Pen tool, Drawing straight lines, Drawing simple curves, Understanding the many faces of the Pen tool, Converting corners and curves, Tracing artwork with the Pen tool.00:52:45
  • Adjusting your type settings, Creating point and area text, Basic text editing, Creating threaded text, Using the type panels, Creating text on a path, Converting text into paths .00:46:38
  • Exploring the Appearance panel, Explaining attribute stacking order, Applying multiple fills, Applying multiple strokes, Adjusting appearance with live effects, Saving appearances as graphic styles.00:29:34
  • Exploring the Layers panel, Creating and editing layers, Targeting objects in the Layers panel, Working with sub layers, Hiding, locking, and deleting layers, Using the Layers panel menu.00:17:50
  • Placing images into Illustrator, Working with the Links panel, Embedding images into Illustrator, Cropping images with a mask, Exploring the Image Trace panel, Tracing photographs, Tracing line art, Converting pixels to paths.00:49:58
  • What are symbols, Using prebuilt symbols, Using the Symbol Sprayer, Creating new symbols, Breaking the symbol link, Redefining symbols.00:21:18
  • Defining a perspective grid, Drawing artwork in perspective, Applying artwork to the grid.00:16:31
  • Creating Cartoon background, Creating Vector art, Lace pattern, Creating a Brochure, Creating Flyer, Creating floral design.01:05:50
  • Creating Cartoon background, Creating Vector art, Lace pattern, Creating a Brochure, Creating Flyer, Creating floral design.00:58:12
  • Creating Cartoon background, Creating Vector art, Lace pattern, Creating a Brochure, Creating Flyer, Creating floral design.00:36:04
  • 3d Extrude , Mesh Tool With freeform Gradient, Blend Tool, Graph Tool.00:36:52
  • Printing your artwork, Saving your artwork, Saving in legacy formats, Saving templates, Creating PDF files, Saving for the web, Creating high-res bitmap images.00:13:50

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