Adobe Light Room


Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a powerful photo editor and camera app that empowers your photography, helping you capture and edit stunning images. 

Lightroom's editing functions include white balance, tone, presence, tone curve, HSL, split toning, detail, lens corrections, and calibration manipulation, as well as transformation, spot removal, red eye correction, graduated filters, radial filters, and adjustment brushing. It is a non-destructive editing software that keeps the original image separate from any in-program edits, saving the edited image as a new file. Lightroom can store and organize photos once imported into the platform database, and is currently compatible with TIFFJPEGPSD(Photoshop), PNGCMYK (edited in RGB color space) and raw image formats.

This course can help you to understand how to import photos and leverage intuitive editing controls to make your photos shine. This course also covers how to adjust lighting, color, and perspective; edit parts of a photo using local editing tools, apply creative photo editing techniques such as split toning, and lots more. 

What will you learn
  • You will learn import, organize, edit and develop photos.

  • You will learn how to adjust images and apply effects.

  • You can create photo books, slideshows and layout for the web.

  • You will learn how to use all the editing tools, to edit your photos based on your creative vision.

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  • 17 Lessons
  • 06:45:05 Hours
  • What is Light Room, Where it Has Been Used, Difference Between Light Room and Photoshop, How to Open Light room, User Interfaces, How to Import Photos into Light Room, Other Interfaces.00:12:57
  • Library Options, Tool Icons , Navigator, Catalog , Folders Collections , Publish Service, Histogram in Library, Quick Develop option, Key Wording , Keyword list Metadata , Comments, Library Filters.00:18:12
  • Crop and Overlay Tool, Spot Removal Tool, Filter Tool, Radial Filter Tool, Brush Tool , Preview image, How to Remove Marks on Face.00:29:13
  • Lens Corrections, Basic Options, Transform Option.00:12:10
  • HSL , Color, Black & White, Tone Curve, Spilt Toning, Detail Options, Camera Calibration.00:17:56
  • Histogram Options00:09:19
  • Navigator , Presets , Snapshots , History Collections , Export Options.00:32:35
  • How to Remove Red Eye in Image.00:10:35
  • Book options ,Book Settings Auto Layout , Page , Guides , Cell , Text , Type, Back Ground, How to publish our Book, How to Create Presets.00:32:36
  • Slide Show Options , Layout , Overlays, Backdrops , Title , Music ,Playback.00:31:21
  • Web Options , Layout Style , Site Intro , Color Palettes Appearance , Image info, Output Settings , Upload Settings.00:16:15
  • Map Options, How to Open Map , How to Search location, How to tag Location, Navigator options, Save Locations , Collections, How to View Metadata.00:23:02
  • Print Options , Layout Styles, Image Settings , Layout Guides, Page , Print job , Save Files.00:24:32
  • Work Flow in Light room00:24:20
  • Work Flow in Light room00:30:20
  • Light Room Project01:19:42
  • Adobe Light Room : Assessment

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