ASP.NET is a web development platform, which provides a programming model, a comprehensive software infrastructure and various services required to build up robust web applications for PC, as well as mobile devices. It's applications are compiled codes, written using the extensible and reusable components or objects present in .Net framework. These codes can use the entire hierarchy of classes in .Net framework. ASP.NET is used to produce interactive, data-driven web applications over the internet. It consists of a large number of controls such as text boxes, buttons, and labels for assembling, configuring, and manipulating code to create HTML pages.

What will you learn
  • The learners will be able to use the features of Dot Net Framework along with the features of ASP. NET.

  • You can create a Web form with server controls.

  • You can understand the Microsoft .NET Framework and ASP.NET page structure.

  • You can design web application with variety of controls and develop secured web application.

  • You can access the data using inbuilt data access tools.

  • No previous knowledge is required, but having experience with HTML, CSS will help you to shape the output you want.


  • 13 Lessons
  • 02:31:35 Hours
  • Lesson 1 : Introduction to ASP.NET, ASP.NET basic setup00:06:29
  • Lesson 2 : Web Page creation using ASP.NET, using C# on web using Razor.00:05:42
  • Lesson 3 : ASP.NET Project layouts, Project Folder Struct. 00:12:34
  • Lesson 4 : Basic Form Creation, Form Accessing methods, ASP.NET Page Objects, File Accessing from web.00:23:46
  • Lesson 5 : Connecting to Databases, Basic Querying, Helper classes. 00:20:41
  • Lesson 6 : ASP.NET MVC introduction Introduction to Design Patterns, MVC Pattern.00:07:44
  • Lesson 7 : ASP.NET MVC Architecture ASP.NET MVC Folder Structures. 00:11:58
  • Lesson 8 : Model, View, Controller , Introduction, MVC In-depth. 00:06:18
  • Lesson 9 : MVC Form creation, Data passing from model to controller, Data returning on View.00:12:48
  • Lesson 10 : Global and page layout of ASP.NET Application, Master page layout.00:09:04
  • Lesson 11 : Action Filters, Bundling, Exception Handling Filtering inputs by Action Filter, Scripts and stylesheet bundling, Data Exception Handing.00:12:02
  • Lesson 12 : Basic ASP.NET MVC Application Creating, using Entity Framework for DB Migration, Data processing across M-V-C. 00:22:29
  • ASP.NET : Assessment

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