CorelDRAW is a vector graphics editor. It includes the bitmap-image editor Corel Photo-Paint as well as other graphics-related programs. These features include contrast adjustment, color balancing, adding special effects like borders to images, and it is capable of working with multiple layers and multiple pages. You can learn the process of creative thinking and its ideas implementation, which must never be compromised due to graphic program features and its limits.

What will you learn
  • You will design clean and professional business cards.

  • You will be able to organize a brochure layout by learning how to manage pages.

  • You will learn all program features for implementation of your own ideas and projects.

  • Learners will gain knowledge to conceptualize and create Logos, various types of print designs, Pamphlets, Posters, Invitation cards, Greeting cards, Wrappers, Advertisements, Banners and Package.

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  • 17 Lessons
  • 10:05:52 Hours
  • Intro to CorelDraw , What is Vector Drawing , What are the various vector drawing Programs, CorelDraw Application Window, File types in Corel Draw, Import, Export options, Uses of Corel Draw and its workspace.00:33:23
  • Setting Up Your Document Page, Saving Details with Your File, Using the Object Manager, Page Commands, Inserting & Deleting Pages and Page Setting Options, Using the Page Sorter.00:34:30
  • Creating new Documents, About Guide, Grids and Rulers, Creating objects, Scaling, Rotating and Moving objects, Mirror and Duplicating object, Group, Ungroup - Combine and Break options, Lock and unlock objects, Order, Align and Distribute, Various transf00:36:52
  • Creating Basic Shapes Using the Rectangle Tool, Ellipse Tool , Using Polygons, Stars and Complex Stars, Using the Spiral Tool, Using the Graph Paper Tool, Power-Drawing a Grid with Graph Paper.00:55:27
  • Pick Tool Selections, Picking and Freehand Picking , Using the Free Transform Tool, Applying Precise Transformations, Shaping and Reshaping Object Shapes, Fillet / Scallop / Chamfer, Basic Object Selection, Arranging and Organizing Objects, Navigating 01:01:15
  • Working with Drawing Tools How to Draw in CorelDraw using Freehand and Polyline Tools, Drawing Arcs with the 2-Point Line Tool, 3-Point Curve Tool and closed objects, Using the Bézier and Pen Tools, Editing Paths with the Shape Tool.00:35:29
  • Converting Objects to Curves, Exploring Special Shapes and Connectors, CorelDRAW’s Smart Drawing Tool & Smart Fill Tool, Working with the Dimension Tools, Using Dimension Tools, Using the Connector Tools.00:30:20
  • Editing Objects using Boolean , PowerClips – PowerClipping a Design Onto an Object, The Knife Tool and its types of Cuts With the Knife Tool, Using the Eraser Tool, Cropping an Illustration, Using the Virtual Segment Delete Tool.00:35:26
  • CorelDRAW’s Text Tool, Combining and Breaking Apart Artistic Text, Converting Artistic Text to Curves, Entering and Editing Paragraph Text, Wrapping Text Around Other Shapes, Fitting Text to Curve.00:45:14
  • Examining the Fill Types, Customizing Your Fountain Fills, Applying Pattern Fills, Customizing a Pattern Fill, Create Your Own Two-Color and Full-Color Patterns, Applying Texture Fills, Applying PostScript Fills, Working with Mesh Fills.00:52:47
  • Outline Pen Options and the Property Bar, Setting Outline Color, Choosing Outline Styles and Arrowheads, Using the Artistic Media Tool, Drawing with Brushes.00:25:26
  • Using Blends and Contours, Creating a Simple Blend Effect, Exploring CorelDRAW’s Contour Effects, The Perspective and Extrude Effects, Setting up 3D Extrusion.00:29:56
  • Using the Envelope Tool, Creating Text Envelope, Using Lens Effects and Bevels, Using Lens Options , Using Bevel Effects.00:31:01
  • About Shape Editing Tools & Distortion, Smooth Tool, Twirl Tool, Smear tool, Attract & Repel Tool, Smudge & Roughen Brushes, Choosing Distortion Modes.00:42:54
  • About Transparency & its property, Using Drop shadow effect, Working with Alpha Channels, Working with Image transparency, Blending Photos with transparency, Creating transition between two images.00:18:38
  • Bitmap trace, Bitmap effects, Macros, Tables, Design news paper.00:37:14
  • CorelDRAW : Assessment

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