With the help of Lumion, you can communicate the essence of your design ideas, exactly as you experience them in your mind. All you need is a 3D model of your design (which you can make in most CAD software programs, such as Revit, SketchUp, ArchiCAD and others), and Lumion can help you bring it to life.

It conveys the beauty of your design by unveiling it in its full, detail-rich context, complete with shadows, lighting, rich and animated entourage, and all the other benefits of a Lumion environment.

What will you learn
  • Create a professional architectural interior using Lumion

  • Learn advanced lighting, materials and photo effects in Lumion

  • Learn from a professional how to integrate Lumion into your workflow for fast, efficient rendering projects

  • You can create a beautiful interior rendering to use for your portfolio

  • Intermediate Lumion experience-should be familiar with the basics. I do not cover basics like how to move around


  • 9 Lessons
  • 02:50:21 Hours
  • INTRODUCTION, Getting started, Work window icons, Control(mouse & keyboard).00:08:31
  • Nature object, Transport object, Mass placement of object, Edit tools.00:32:58
  • Indoor objects, People and animals, Outdoor object, Move, copy, rotate and resize object, Lighting effect.00:24:14
  • Effects library, Sound library, Edit effect and sound.00:12:56
  • Import model, Edit materials (indoor, outdoor, nature, custom), Materials property editor, Place and mass placement of import model, Placement editing tools.00:35:26
  • LANDSCAPE, Height, Paint landscape, Water, Ocean, Grass, Terrain (make flat, mountain, import, export).00:21:59
  • Sun direction, Sun position ( day& night), Brightness, Cloud creation, Edit cloud position.00:04:57
  • EXPORT, Image creation, Motion capture, Photo with effects, Motion with effects, Animating objects, Create movies (Render).00:29:20
  • Lumion : Assessment

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Name : Mr. Manikandan M
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Senthamizhan Tamil - Tue, 11-Jan-2022

manoj selvaraj - Fri, 06-May-2022

Nice software for using 3d modelling