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Mocha Pro is the professional’s choice for advanced visual effects and “invisible” cleanup work, such as removing unwanted objects, match-moving realistic screen inserts and superior camera stabilization. Mocha Pro can render final shots OR export and share tracking, roto, 3D camera solves and lens data. 

This course will help you to explore the basics of Mocha Pro by giving insight into the essential motion tracking and rotoscoping techniques. 

You can learn how to find a good planar pattern to track, apply tracking data, and enhance tracking results. This chapter also covers object removal, techniques for tracking stereoscopic and 360/VR footage, and how to stitch together an extended frame with the Mega Plate module. Tracking and rotoscoping are part of almost any visual effects project. For 2D tracking, point trackers are most commonly used, but to get good point tracks requires a mix of experience and luck. You often have to “prime” a clip for optimum tracking using color correctors and other image manipulations. Mocha is a 2D tracker, does not require the image to be primed and is less likely to require a lot of tricks 

What will you learn
  • You will master tracking and replacement in Mocha Pro.

  • You will become familiar with the tracking and rotoscoping tools that make your tracking and rotoscoping work much easier.

  • You will become familiar with how to find a good planar pattern to track, apply tracking data, and enhance tracking results.

  • Basic knowledge in planar tracking and rotoscoping.


  • 4 Lessons
  • 01:44:21 Hours
  • Quick Time Installation, Project Settings, Importing clip / Footage Sequence , Frame Offset , Format Adjustments , Basic Control & Properties .00:27:59
  • Footage Analyzing, Layer Control & Properties , Drawing Shapes & Properties , Frame Offset , Frame Adjustments , Tracking Set up & Properties .00:33:58
  • Footage Analysis , Tracking Shapes Perspectives, Object & Camera Movement Perspectives, Setting up Dummy clips ( Insert clips ), Importing insert clips .00:21:09
  • Footage Analysis, Drawing Multiple Shapes , Shapes rework based on Shapes , Retouch in Photoshop, Surface Tracking in Mocha Pro.00:21:15

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