VFX Silhouette


VFX Silhouette offers powerful tools for masking, rotoscoping, motion tracking, and paint fixing, which are vital keystones of visual effects compositing.This course covers motion graphics and visual effects artists with a solid introduction to Silhouette, allowing them to quickly master its core tools, functions, and workflows. 

In media the term "to silhouette" is used for the process of separating or masking a portion of an image (such as the background) so that it does not show. You will learn various tools of silhouette-like roto node, tracking techniques, color render in nuke, background replacement, hair detail and render, etc. This software is used for making VFX scenes of many famous Hollywood movies. This software has many features that help VFX artists to make their product more realistic and attractive. It allows importing a large number of file formats and also it operates through a printer for print and cut technology. It also has a freehand drawing tool that helps to draw the image or resize the image to exact dimensions.

What will you learn
  • You will learn the various tools of silhouette.

  • You will learn to know how to do shape animation.

  • You will learn tracking techniques.

  • You will become familiar with hair detail and render and also motion blur.

  • You will learn finely detailed hair masking and masking the BG.

  • You need to have a basic computer knowledge and understanding of programming languages to make superior graphics effects.


  • 10 Lessons
  • 05:04:51 Hours
  • System Requirements for Installation , What is Rotoscopy , Introduction to Interface, Workspace and Basic Set up , Golden Treads of Rotoscopy .00:45:48
  • Creating New shapes , Shapes and Animation , Animation Workflow for Rotoscopy , Shapes Preferences and Set up .00:41:10
  • Tracking Basics in Silhouette , Drawing Shapes and Combining for Tracking , Tracking & Roto Shapes – Multiple Shapes, Live video Sample footage .00:34:53
  • Articulated Video Analysis, Understanding the Motion , Human Roto Basics , Drawing Shapes & Animating together , Corrections and Extra Shapes.00:39:09
  • Paint Options , Tools for Painting Effects , Rope Removal Technique 1 – Clean plate, Rope Removal Technique 2 - Frame Reference.00:24:03
  • Silhouette V6 New Version, Introduction to Interface, Welcome to Node Based Compositing, Basic Nodes Set Up, Workflow 1, Workflow 2.00:23:05
  • Color Based Shapes Creation, Understanding the In and Out Colors, Multiple Shape Roto (Add and Subtract ), Composite view.00:29:01
  • Color Based Shape Creation, Understanding the In and Out Colors, Multiple Shape Roto ( Add and Subtract ), IK Introduction , Shapes for IK, IK Roto Footage Sample .00:26:42
  • Color , Matte , Transformation, Image, Composite .00:17:45
  • Exporting Shapes, Nuke & Silhouette Shapes , Testing Roto Final Sample , Render Set up .00:23:15

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