Web design is technically a subset of the broader category of web development. It encompasses several different aspects, including webpage layout, content production, and graphic design. Web design partially overlaps web engineering in the broader scope of web development.

Want to learn how to create a website with HTML and CSS?

In this course, we show you all the steps to get from a blank screen to a working website that’s optimized and quite good-looking at the same time.

What will you learn
  • You can understand the principles of creating an effective web page, including an in-depth consideration of information architecture.

  • You can develop skills in analyzing the usability of a web site.

  • You will learn the language of the web: HTML and CSS.

  • You will become familiar with graphic design principles that relate to web design.

  • Fundamental programming skills in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.


  • 21 Lessons
  • 06:25:32 Hours
  • Lesson 1 : Introduction to Web, HTML Editors, HTML Basics. 00:13:12
  • Lesson 2 : HTML Elements, HTML Attributes.00:07:44
  • Lesson 3 : HTML Headings, HTML paragraphs, HTML formatting, HTML links, HTML head. 00:39:46
  • Lesson 4 : HTML CSS, HTML images, HTML Tables, HTML Lists, HTML blocks, HTML layout. 00:36:22
  • Lesson 5 : HTML Forms, HTML I frames, HTML Colors, HTML color names, HTML Color values. 00:20:51
  • Lesson 6 : HTML entities, HTML Symbols, HTML Char set, HTML URL Encode.00:24:43
  • Lesson 7 : HTML JavaScript, HTML XHTML.00:15:56
  • Lesson 8 : Introduction to HTML5, New Elements, Semantics, HTML5 Forms, HTML5 Input types, HTML5 Form Attributes, HTML5 Media.00:38:30
  • Lesson 9 : Introduction to Style Sheet, How to Use CSS. 00:14:39
  • Lesson 10 : CSS Syntaxm, CSS Selectors.00:16:40
  • Lesson 11 : CSS Backgrounds, CSS Text, CSS Fonts, CSS Links, CSS Lists.00:30:42
  • Lesson 12 : CSS Tables, CSS Box Model, CSS Borders, CSS Margins.00:16:20
  • Lesson 13 : CSS Padding, CSS Dimension, CSS Display. 00:07:13
  • Lesson 14 : Lesson 6 : CSS Positioning, CSS Floating, CSS Align, CSS Combinators.00:09:37
  • CSS Pseudo-class,, CSS Pseudo-element, CSS Navigation Bar.00:19:00
  • CSS Image, CSS opacity, CSS Media Types.00:14:57
  • CSS Attribute Selectors.00:06:03
  • CSS 3 Introduction, CSS 3 Backgrounds, CSS 3 Transforms, CSS 3 Transitions, CSS 3 Animations.00:15:58
  • Sample Web Site Design00:27:52
  • Web Hosting with File Zilla, Web Hosting Based FTP Upload.00:09:27
  • WEBDESIGN : Assessment

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DHANRAJ R - Sat, 27-Mar-2021

Html and CSS course is very easy and learn fastly

MAHESHWARAN V - Wed, 19-May-2021

Packia sinnaraja L - Mon, 14-Jun-2021

It's very useful, and i understand easily i saw your video Thank you for infomedia

Dhananjay Muthurajan Rajasree - Tue, 06-Jun-2023

parthiban m parthi - Thu, 31-Aug-2023


K.S. Ravi Shankar - Sun, 16-Jun-2024